Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romance and Lace

Embroidered or Lace Drapes. These always look nice in old fashioned type living rooms or in bedrooms. They have a romantic, old fashioned feel to them. You can find them in many colors, yet white and shades of white seems to be the most popular. Pictured here is a soft treatment using the ultimate in black for that romantic touch.

Sheer drapes have a classy appeal to them. These can be used alone or can be paired up with other thicker drapes.

Pinch and pleated drapes come in a variety of different types of fabrics including chenille, velvet and even cotton polyester mix blends.

Silk drapes are often made from silk. Yet, you can buy silk drapes that aren't sheer looking. Some are simple cut and free flowing. Yet, other silk drapes are adorned with ruffles, giving them a more romantic feel.

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