Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nature's Designs

This picture is worth a thousand words in itself.

Generally a tree branch, large foliage or flowering foliage branch's, length can vary from 20 to 70 inches, will make a beautifully dramatic statement in your home.

A single branch can add visual impact as a backdrop to medium flower arrangements. Large floral arrangements can incorporate several long branches for dramatic accent. Unusually shaped tree branches or clipping a branch from a budding tree such as a red bud and placing them in different heights in a tall glass vase is one of my favorite centerpieces. Add a few silk limbs with greenery for color.

These arrangements are particularly dramatic in a large room and rooms with high ceilings. I purchased silk palm leaves and placed them in a clear vase with unusually formed stems from my yard which transformed an otherwise understated table into a focal point of beauty.

Another favorite is to fill a tall glass vase with deco balls then add stems. In a kitchen you can add artificial fruit and stems.

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