Thursday, February 28, 2013

Design Ideas


Designer's Notes

In the Living Room, the custom triptych from is a dramatic backdrop to the B+B Italia sofa and the concrete Cha-Cha cocktail table. The wool and silk area rug is also from I love the comfortable, stylish feel of this sofa!!!!!


The kitchen area was opened up to the rest of the house in this open plan. Poliform cabinetry and stainless steel appliances were inserted in the burnt orange wall that becomes the organizing element. The dining room table is attached to the island and becomes an extension of it, with the same silestone top.


The drama of the open tread stair against the burnt orange wall within the two story entry foyer gives the visitor the first taste of the open plan that organizes this Lake Barcroft home.


The large custom Mirror from hangs above the wenge console table and greets the visitor off the elevator that opens into the apartment. To the left, the game room furniture sits on a wool and silk rug from, while the dramatic photograph on the wall is from


The burnt red wall that houses the kitchen cabinetry and appliances is an organizing element within the plan. The stair to the upstairs bedroom is attached to the red wall, around which all the rooms revolve. All extraneous walls have been removed, so this dining area feels like an integral part of a greater whole.

The intimate “Theater” area within the Family room pays homage to the silver screen with a series of movie posters that adorn the right wall. All that’s missing is the neon sign of the theater marquis.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TheWarmth of Wood

I saw this design, on my favorite friend from Italy's site, Design Pass. This amazing loft was built by New York Architect Stuart Narofsky in collaboration with New York designer Jennifer Rush, the president of Ways2 Design.

The mix of the black and wood is so comforting, topping it all off with the glass walls, simply beautiful!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Contemporary Glass House


Ahhhhh, I totally love this style!!!!! The fireplace can be found at Sparks

Design for the contemporary minimalist.




You will need totally private acreage for this, but I LOVE IT!!!!




gp_120610_09 open style contemporary design is my favorite glass inspired home. Talk about each room with a view, Frank Lloyd Wright would be proud.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Design Idea's

Display a unique wine cellar by designing it under a stairway. What was previously a coat closet was transformed into a wine cellar with custom wine holders that were created out of solid walnut and stacked in such a way that they create a very architectural feel. Now, the staircase is much more open with glass replacing the drywall, and the entire area went from boring to functional and eye-catching.

From the top of the staircase, the use of tile and wrought iron details balance the curved wall of windows allowing light to brighten this rustic entry. The one-of-a-kind chandelier lantern accentuates the style.

This seemingly simple baluster engages the eye with its intriguing curves and keeps it interesting with its modest detail. Once the eye is focused on this beautiful staircase, it will follow it all the way up, leading to the spectacular surprise at the end, the fabulous ceiling. With its dark walnut beams placed symmetrically on both sides of each of the half moon windows, it is hard not to stare at the exquisite ceiling.

Hammerschmidt contemporary entryway

The client is a serious art collector, so we focus on highlighting their pieces and treated our furniture, light and area rug selections as art themselves. All recessed light fixtures are updated to low voltage lamps and art spotlights are installed throughout to accentuate the photography collection.

Riehl Entry with artwork

A soft-toned wall covering provides a neutral backdrop to showcase exquisite art, a beveled mirror and a hand-crafted curved demilune table in the entry of a Minneapolis loft.

valencich curved staircase chandelier

A round foyer gets touches of color from the upholstered benches.

valencich vases tables

Having multiple vases in different sizes and shapes adds much needed height to a console or table.

valencich staircase vignette

A curved console is a perfect fit against this curved wall. Adding drama around the curved staircase.

Simon contemporary staircase

A sweeping, circular glass stairway with a curved mahogany handrail soars through this home's two-story atrium. The distinct, curved glass steps are clear when seen from the side but opaque from above and below to offer a feeling of solidity as you ascend or descend.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Go Wild

Zebrato - Zebra Print Goat Fur Pillow

Tailored from top quality  skins these pillows are hand cut and hand stitched. Each skin is carefully selected, displaying unique mottling and variations. Naturally smooth and soft to the touch, they are organic, one of a kind accents.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Designer Notes

Vibrant hues against backdrops of deep black and bright white add an energetic, futuristic flair to your living room.

Earthy browns and tans, reflecting the colors of rock, stone and soil, will be trendy for some time to come.

The living room is a place to de-stress and unwind, and color can be an important element in bringing together style and a playful sense of whimsy.

A focused color scheme of red, orange, tan and black transforms the space from bland and boring to vibrant and modern.

Add accent colors to a basic color scheme to make the room pop!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Outdoor Spas and Patios

Wrona firepit water feature

Triple Threat

The triple waterfall in this design by Paul Wrona provides a soothing and relaxing environment. The square shape of the hot tub is an interesting twist on traditional round designs.

outdoor living space includes fire and water

All Stacked Up

This stacked design by Scott Cohen incorporates all of the necessary elements for a great outdoor area: fire pit, hot tub and swimming pool. A raised stone wall provides privacy for a hot tub built for two.

Wrona contemporary spa

Natural Reflections 

Natural elements like boulders and tall grasses provide an organic feeling, as well as privacy to a backyard hot tub. Flame-lit torches are a more romantic form of lighting than electric lights.

backyard paradise perfect for entertaining

Stairway to Heaven

An intimate spa awaits you at the top of the stairs in this backyard paradise from Scott Cohen. Once you're done in the hot tub, cool off in the lounge chairs located in the pool's baja feature.

marble fountain central to pergola covered patio

Roman Retreat

This elegant hot tub has an Old World feel. Picture yourself in a Roman bath as you drift away into bliss. Hanging wisteria adds a romantic touch to the pergola.

curved eave solarium aluminum

Behind (Almost) Closed Doors

If you're lucky enough to have an indoor pool, why not add an indoor hot tub? This room from the Four Seasons is designed to bring the outdoors in.

The patio is being used today during summer and winter......adding fire and water with a little ambiance of back ground music and a glass of merlot, what better way to have that vacation feeling all year round on your own patio.