Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Family Room Styles

Yellow glazed walls brighten the double parlor, where columns define the two seating areas. An impressive collection of antiques and fabrics in a rainbow of colors keep this living room from feeling too stale.

Feature a classic design in a fresh way with the added dimension of an accent wall. Fiery orange gives this living room an autumn glow, while highlighting the rich upholstery and regal details.

For this old-world library, Minton let his choice of Persian rugs drive the warm color palette of reds, golds, and greens. Here, the blend of patterns and wood-paneled walls create an environment that seems destined for relaxing with a scotch or glass of wine.

Spice up an all-white den with tangerine accents. A Moroccan floor cushion and cozy throw blanket become statement pieces in this simple, symmetrical living room.

Clean, modern lines and exotic accessories give this living room a Bali-inspired, open-air vibe.

Create a serene atmosphere with muted hues. Here, celery green walls and natural fabrics set the stage while pale yellow lends a pop of color without disrupting the relaxed mood. via

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