Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Real Estate and Design Trends for 2012

Guest Post

The new year is finally upon us. It’s time to make all of those New Year’s resolutions and start fresh. This year, why not renovate your home? Let’s say you’re living on a prime piece of Austin Real Estate. If you’re tired of the same old southwest decor, it could be time to give your interior a facelift. Need some inspiration? Here are our interior design predictions for 2012: 

Modern design
 Enough of the kitschy, eclectic look. It’s time to streamline your house, clear out the clutter, and opt for the clean lines of modern design. The vaulted ceilings and simple color palettes of modern minimalism keep green homes (like the ones discussed above) looking spacious, luxurious, and avant-garde. If you want inspiration, just look toward Mad Men’s mid-century modern interiors or check out the more contemporary-modern approach of Nero 20th century furniture. To add dimension or color to an Italian modern space, try a statement piece, like a Murano glass chandelier, or a piece of art. You can also incorporate a Think Glass Kitchen Countertop, as featured in the previous Serenity in Design blog post.

Indoor to Outdoor

 The eco-friendly movement has also lent itself to an emphasis on nature (logically). But, more than that, we are seeing an intertwining of indoor and outdoor spaces. Roofs and walls are becoming full-fledged gardens, exemplified in Patrick Blanc's living wall on the Musee du Quai Branly in Paris. Lautner-esque houses, littered with windows that overlook lush green views, are captivating contemporary architects. This open, nature-inspired architecture both soothes and awakens the senses, making both relaxing and utterly stunning homes.

Going Small

Now more than ever, homebuilders are creating smaller, more eco-friendly homes. These homes will often feature green technology or energy efficient features. Keep the green trend in mind as you flip through architecture and interior decor magazines. Greener, smaller houses are informing almost every aspect of design, at the moment. Maybe less really is more.

Lisa is an Austin-based writer who blogs about design and real estate trends. She has been my guest post blogger today. Thank you Lisa, we look forward to updates in the future.

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