Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Gift Toppers

use evergreen foliage and twine to decorate gift

Evergreen Foliage and String

Gather a few lengths of string, tie up the gift and tuck a couple of sprigs of foliage under the bow.

cinnamon sticks and gingham ribbon decorate gift

Cinnamon Sticks and Braided Raffia

Tie the gift with braided raffia, thread ribbon under it and add a bundle of cinnamon sticks.

use dried fruit slices and raffia to decorate gift

Dried Fruits and Raffia

Glue three dried orange slices together in an overlapped row, tie the gift with raffia and glue on the orange slices.

use holly berries and vintage ribbon on gifts

Holly Sprig and Vintage Ribbon

Tie the gift with bright vintage ribbon and tuck a holly sprig with a few berries under the bow.

use pine cones and raffia to decorate a gift

Pinecones and Raffia

Tie the gift with raffia, wrap a little thin wire around the base of each cone and tie them to the bow.

use ribbon and buttons to decorate gift

Ribbon and Buttons

Wrap recycled ribbon around the gift and glue different-sized buttons onto the ribbon.

use dried leaves and raffia to decorate gift

Raffia and Dried Leaves

Gather a few lengths of raffia, tie the gift and glue a few dried, flattened leaves just under the bow.
This is one of my favorite, the leaves look like a flower!

thread buttons on very thin ribbon to use on gift

Threaded Buttons

Thread odd buttons onto a very thin length of ribbon and tie the ribbon around the gift.

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