Monday, January 24, 2011

Dining Room Styles

Bold Yet Balanced

Erinn's Tip: "When designing this room, I started with the drapery fabric, which has a repeating pattern of little white monkeys — it's very whimsical and fun. Once the drapes were pleated, the pattern became more subtle, which is nice. I contrasted the small pattern in the drapes with the large geometric rug. Finally, I selected a bold citrus fabric for the vintage Italian chairs. The three patterns are very different but work together beautifully because the scale is varied." Design by Erinn Valencich.
Erinn Valencich wide dining room

Spicy Spanish Style

Designer Erinn Valencich gave this room a modern twist with a fabric shade in a large-scale print and ethnic-inspired rug. Errin's Tip: "Paired with solid walls and furniture, the patterned shade and rug really pop. With a rug this bold, you wouldn't want to use patterned chairs. The shade and rug work well together because they share similar colors but don't touch."

bold colors create vibrant dining room design

Fresh Hues

If you crave color, take a cue from designer Shelly Riehl David. The saturated yellows and greens in this dining room create a refreshing palette while contrasting splashes of red and pink add to the pop. Erinn's Tip: "Have fun! Mixing patterns is a great way to really spice up a dining room." Personally, this is tooooo bold for my taste and the blue lamp doesn't work in this palette in my opinion. However, it does make a bold statement if you like funky!
Erinn Valencich old world dining room

Coppery Glow

By using a copper tone throughout, designer Erinn Valencich was able to fill this space with small and large patterns that work together to create a polished whole. Errin's Tip: The upholstered side chairs have a soft, circular pattern while the head chairs received a bolder circular pattern that demands attention. The rug has a soft, faded-over-time look that allows it to pair well with the various fabrics in the room.

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