Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kitchen Designs

Classic Modernism
Designer Michael Berman laid a linoleum floor in the kitchen and stained the original walnut cabinets the color of black tea to set off the white tile of the countertops.

California Kitchen
A 4-by-4-foot chase — a column holding all sorts of electrical wiring and plumbing — runs right through the room and could not be moved. So designer Sandra Bird worked around it, and built it out into four areas: a cooking area with the range, a buffet for the table, a desk, and then a baking area in back.

Think Upwards
Home Depot designer Emily O'Keefe added cabinetry with period charm to this small kitchen. "Since space was tight, I went up, stacking the cabinets," she says. "The ceilings are 11 feet high, but not every cabinet touches the ceiling — that way they look more like furniture."

Old World Charm
The kitchen island, made from reclaimed chestnut with barley-twist details, resembles a piece of furniture. It gives the space an Old World charm. Interior design by Healing Barsanti.

Clutter-Free Kitchen
Judith Barrett designed her kitchen to be remarkably organized and clutter-free. Leave it to a cookbook writer to know what works best.

Simple Storage
Poured concrete countertops cover sleek cabinets built for storage. Design by Form Architecture + Interiors.

Sleek Kitchen
Poliform cabinets give this kitchen a sleek and sparse look.

Casual Feeling
Designer Ray Booth wanted to give the kitchen an aged, casual feeling, with distressed finishes. The ceiling is made from pecky cypress, and the center island is oak treated with ammonia and wire-brushed to pull out the grain.

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