Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dream home 2011

gathering room seating windows

The room's color palette, inspired by the colors of autumn foliage at its peak, bursts alive as one enters the space. "I don't think that's a color palette I would necessarily use in the South where it's hot a lot of the time," says interior designer Linda Woodrum. "But it works really well in a cooler climate."

gathering room seating door deck

Walls of windows connect the room to outdoor spaces and contribute to the home's treehouse feeling.

gathering room seating stairs

Hand-woven from worsted New Zealand wool, a men's wear-influenced area rug stylishly sections off the space.
gathering room chair built in shelves

Built-in shelving, crafted from birch wood, serves as display space for decorative art.
gathering room seating kitchen

A mixed-media painting by Axel Stohlberg marks the entrance to the kitchen. "We liked that painting because it was bold and crazy," adds interior designer Linda Woodrum.
gathering room seating annex

The gathering room connects to the annex, where a wall of windows provides a breathtaking view of Stowe's mountain range.

gathering room door deck

The wood deck is easily accessible from the kitchen and gathering room via a private entrance door.

You can enter the dreamhome 2011 in January. 

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