Monday, January 20, 2014

Gotta Have This!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. A fire pit around the pool.

Chilled Produce Drawers in the Kitchen

2. Chilled produce drawers.

A Wine Cellar Trap Door

3. Wine trap door, stairs for access to wines.

  A Sleepover Room

4. A sleepover room.

A Glass-Encased Fireplace

5. A glass encased fireplace/coffee table.

A Hot Tub That Flows from the Inside to Outside

6. A hot tub that flows from outside to inside.

A Huge Round Bedroom Window

7. Huge round window.

A Library Staircase/Slide

8. A bookcase staircase and slide.

A Waterfall in the Bathtub

9. Waterfall in your tub, OK, I could do this!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Waterfall in the Hot Tub

10. Waterfall between hot tub and pool.


11. Bed for when the kids want to sleep with you.

A Fridge-Enveloping Pantry

12. Pantry built around your refrigerator.

A Staircase That Wraps Around an Aquarium

12. An  aquarium in your entrance. YEP, must have this one.

Stairs You Can Walk Under

13. Stairs you can walk under. Great idea actually.

A Glass-Encased Basement Pool

14. A glass encased pool around a basement. Actually pretty awesome.

A Bar You Can Swim Up To

15. A bar to swim up to.

A Compartmentalized Bathtub

16. Duo tub.

An Overflow Bathtub with Fireplace

17. Overflow bathtub with fireplace. LOVE

A Creek That Runs Through Your Hallway

18. A creek that runs through your hallway.

A Built-In Drying Rack

19. A built-in drying rack. I like this idea and it's attractive.

A Staircase That Lifts Up to Reveal a Secret Room

20. A staircase that lifts to reveal a hidden room.

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