Monday, November 4, 2013

Party Ideas

Simple Elegance

Throwing an elegant outdoor dinner party doesn't have to mean using expensive tableware.

Outdoor Fiesta

What better way to celebrate summer than an outdoor fiesta? This table was dressed with orange burlap layered over a red tablecloth for a bold, colorful touch.

Lobster Bake

It wouldn't be summer without an outdoor lobster bake. Cover the table with newspaper for an inexpensive way to bring festivity to your party.

tea party table setting

Garden Tea Party

Gather up your girlfriends for an elaborate garden tea party. Use natural elements such as moss and fresh flowers to dress up the table.

Green and White Party

Choose fresh, lively colors to create a delightful summer theme. Use plain white dinnerware and pair it with a vibrant tablecloth pattern to spice up the look.

A Day at the Beach

A beach-inspired outdoor party is an easy and budget-friendly party idea. To make a shell centerpiece, fill a hurricane glass with store-bought shells or shells collected from your last vacation.

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