Monday, July 15, 2013

Walk in Showers

Enhancing Your Home and Lifestyle | Walk In Door Less Tiled Shower: Before & After Photos – With Design Ideas for No-door Shower

Curved walk in shower- no doors or curtains necessary. Love the porthole too!

No cleaning the shower door! And 2 sides with separate shower heads in case you both have to get ready at the same time!

a curbless shower drain with rocks... Nice clean look.

Although I like the clean feel of this, I would imagine you would be cleaning a lot !!!

I love walk in showers with no doors

YES! A shower with no door,no curb and no curtain...just walk in!

Clean design, no door to worry about cleaning.

Walk In Shower with wall and no door. I really like how there is a he and she area, but instead of being next to each other your back to back. I would love to boop stephen in the butt every morning :-) And that way there is a his and hers side.

I do love the all one pattern and color choice in this shower.

Walk-in shower. (Literally)

I like the style, but don't like all colors and styles are going on it doesn't look relaxing to me.

Luxurious Showers by lee. Two wall shower heads and one ceiling shower head in large glass shower cubicle

This is so far my favorite!!!

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