Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Purple and Red ??

Red and purple is a rare combination in interior design, even when it feels like everything has been "done" before. This combo will still turn some heads. So if you're bored with color and want to try mixing unusual tones, red and purple may give you that extra edge. This is an excellent example of well mixed patterns, although it pops with a varity of mixed patterns it is a suble
burst of vibrance and comfort.

Although the red walls and purple sofa is the focal point, the choice of
black lamps, dark mahogany furniture and the subtle print on the accent pillows lends a subdue affect.

Here the paleness of the lavender walls needed the white accents and red accents to draw the eye back down from the tall ceilings.

If you are so brave with colors, these ideas would be my choice.

The next 2 photos NOT SO MUCH????

Overstated and not pleasing to the eye, in my opinion.

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