Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pavilion Roof Top/Charleston SC

I hope everyone had a safe and happy independence day. This is one of the spots we visited while in Charleston SC for the 4th. It is the Pavilion Hotel in Charleston SC. on the roof top! Beautiful view of the Charleston Bay area.
A must see if you travel to Charleston. We met 3  new friends while there, they are 21 years old who are touring the US from Germany you can follow Julius, Phillip and Calvin's US tour at this link

Evening ambiance

Across the street from the Pavilion is the Mad River Restaurant, click the link for the details of the history. Charleston commonly known as the Holy City due to the amount and unique style of the churches.

Upon arrival, we visited Hyman's Seafood in downtown Charleston, voted the best seafood in the south. It truly lived up to it's reputation. The afternoon consisted of a historical carriage ride through the city with the tour of the Battery street
homes by the bay being the highlight of the tour.

East Battery Street
Flags over Fort Sumter

Ft. Sumter was a highlight of our tour of such a historical city especially celebrating the 4th of July. Ft. Sumter, sits on an island similiar to Alcatraz in San Francisco. Click the link to visit information on our country's oldest history. Charleston was like visiting San Franciso on a smaller scale.

Rendering of the New Bridge's Towers

The need for a crossing of the Cooper River and Town Creek had been longstanding. The issue was how it should be done, and who would finance it. The solution came in 1928 when the dream of Charlestonian John P. Grace and others of building a Cooper River Bridge materialized, with financial backing from H.M. Byllesby and Company of Chicago and its allied financial group. The bridge connects from Charleston to Sullivan's Island Beach where we ventured to the beach to watch the Salute from Shore celebration.

Finalizing our trip at Sullivan's Island we had lunch at the RB restaurant below

RB'S Restaurant

You can visit the restaurant at this link and see the beautiful water views. http://www.ourcharlestonhome.com/RB'S-Restaurant

RB'S Restaurant

View from the RB restaurant from the bay to the atlantic ocean. We watched dolphin play near the boaters and ended out holiday celebration with more fantastic food and great music (oldies) . The music does take you back to a quieter time of life.

Don't wait for holiday's to visit Charleston, there is so much to experience !!!
Fabulous trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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