Sunday, February 27, 2011

Floral Compliments



Wedding invitations in 3 dimension, a friend of mine, Michele Eddins is expanding her designs into these lovely invitations. More exquisite photos below, reveals her lovely accessories, if you are planning a wedding or know someone who is, you owe it to yourself to visit her site. Click on the title of this post to go directly to her site.


This tassel can be used as a drapery tie back or an accent on a lamp switch. I feel it would be fun to add it to each plate if you are having a rehearsal dinner, as a gift for bridesmaids, etc.


Michele makes lovely chokers and will customize them in your colors.


The clutches and purses are a vintage one of kind for a fun yet glamorous touch!!!


This lovely decanteur is one of my favorites for your bedroom or bathroom!!!

This gorgeous mirror can be custom made especially for you, the perfect keepsake.
Michele also makes hair bands and barretes, again, just tell her your colors and she works her majic.
No job is too large or too small for Michele, she takes pride in her vintage pieces, the detail feflects the whole story!!! 

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