Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Float My Boat

Talk about rooms with a view!!!!!! The interior of this project is designed by Bagno Sasso.

Bagno Sasso was founded in 1995 by former bicycle pro and World Championship participant, Rolf Senti. The company, whose existence spans 14 years, developed from humble beginnings to an internationally-active company in the planning and equipping of exclusive baths and spa furnishings. Recently, the company has also managed to gain a foothold in product design. Its products are distributed worldwide.

Thus, Bagno Sasso always strives to create a custom-made bathroom for its customers, and to advise its customers on topics, such as products, material selection and colours. In order to ensure that the products also genuinely originate from a single source, unique wall coverings and floor coverings, available in natural stone and ceramic, enrich the assortment. Even the use of leather is possible in the bathrooms.

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  1. Wow, it would be like being on vacation all the time. You would never want to sleep.


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