Thursday, August 6, 2009


The Loro Piana name has become synonymous with the manufacture of exquisite cashmere products. For six generations, the Italian maker has maintained access to the world's most valued raw materials, and in recent decades it has assumed a proactive position to replenish those resources as part of its business model. Today, those exclusive fibers found in clothing and accessories are available in a wide range of interior products, bringing the same sophisticated Loro Piana lifestyle into the home. "The Loro Piana Interiors fabrics were created to enable Loro Piana's customers to furnish and 'dress' interiors with the same refined quality and attention to detail as they dress themselves," says Pier Luigi, the current chairman of the company.
Originally from Trivero, Italy, the Loro Piana family started as wool merchants early in the nineteenth century. In 1924, the current company, Ing. Loro Piana & C., was founded by Pietro Loro Piana in Quarona in Northern Italy. By 1941, Pietro's nephew, Franco, had assumed responsibility for the company and after the war, the firm began to establish its reputation as a supplier of superior wool and cashmere textiles for a growing haute couture industry.
Whether it's a yard of fabric or a cashmere scarf, the common thread that links Loro Piana's textiles and garments is the use of the most exclusive fibers, sourced from three continents. With facilities in Mongolia and China, which is now the world's largest producer of raw cashmere, Loro Piana has control over every step in the process.Manufacturing begins with fibers that come from the adult cashmere goat. In Mongolia, baby Hyrcus goats provide a higher-caliber cashmere that is harvested from combing the soft undercoat. Since this is done between the ages of three and twelve months, it can occur only once. From this has come one of the company's proprietary fabrics, known as Baby Cashmere®, which is used throughout the line in both clothing and interiors.

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