Friday, May 29, 2009

Serenity In Design "No Doubt"!!!!!

No more grass mowing, just the serene sounds of flowing water???

House On The River - wow, it's actually in the river ...

The modern Hind House design by UK’s award-winning John Pardy Architects is one of the firm’s unique “one-off” residential designs that truly is one of a kind. Located near Wargrave on the banks of the River Loddon, the house is based on three parts: public living spaces, private sleeping spaces, and guest accommodations (because a contemporary house like this was meant to entertain in!). Each function occupies a wing of the house, radiating outward in what the architects have described as a “pinwheel form.” Stilts support the house, while allowing the river waters to freely flow underneath when running high. A set of industrial-style stairs leads up to a zinc-clad entrance at the front of the house. Beyond, the unusual house of glass, timber and steel unfolds. A main living space boasts large windows and a wonderful view of nature – trees, water and wildlife – and opens onto a timber outdoor deck for enjoyment of the surroundings, first-hand. John Pardy Architects

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