Thursday, April 16, 2009

Glass Houses

Talk about a room with a view!!!!!!!!!!

A home with an open atrium is such a focal statement, talk about serenity!!!

Don and Jeanine Cooksey worked with architectural designer Wallace Cunningham to conceive a house for their La Jolla, California, land—a lot that was thought to be unbuildable. The structure, which has four bedrooms and six baths and is done in white concrete, stainless steel and glass, straddles a dramatic coastal canyon. Above: The master suite’s lounge overlooks the courtyard near the center of the building. Cunningham situated it in an enclosed bridge, giving the outdoor room an open sightline to the horizon. Embedded in the courtyard-terrace floor is a line of glazed blocks that light an underground parking area.
I've always been a frustrated architect at heart and designed two homes which consisted of mostly glass but nothing like this architectural dream. I hope you enjoyed the glass house tour. This was found on the architectural digest website. Nothing less than breathtaking with a view from every room. Adopted from the Frank Lloyd Wright style of design, where every room must have a focal point and an extraordinary view, I do believe they achieved that goal in these spectacular designs.

Talk about architecture....view this slide show from Egypt!!!

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