Sunday, August 10, 2008

Personal Touch of Glass

Creating your own personal coffee table and end tables can be endless....begin by looking around your home for a base you may already have, ie...old books stacked and topped with round glass can create an interesting conversational piece as well as display your collectibles. Select the size for your glass, this will depend on the size of your room. Your base should be the same height of your sofa and or chairs in the room. If you collect decorative boxes and they fit with the theme and your colors, this will make another great conversational piece. If you select a large size for the glass top, make sure you place your base stacks equally for balance.

Another idea for table tops is to use a round metal deco piece. Michael's usually carries these as well as Kirkland's. Choose a piece that doesn't have large holes in the deco, imagine placing a glass on the table top, or place a glass holder large enough to cover an area where a glass may be placed.

I was given a statue of an elephant which had a flat top for example, I painted it black and topped it with a small round glass top and placed a plant on top. It wasn't high enough for and end table, however, it makes a great accent piece placed in a foyer.

I always suggest round table tops because you don't want sharp corners which could be hazardous to children or you own legs. Rectangle shapes may be used if you are making a higher table such as a buffet table. Of course you height will take care of the hazard issues. The base for a buffet may be more difficult but still attainable, such as using large decorative statues which may have a flat area to place your glass for balance. These may be found at pottery yards. Good luck on your personal creations, send me pictures of yours and I will publish them to share your creative ideas.

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