Thursday, April 3, 2008

Monkey Business

Lamp design reached a whole new level in beauty, design and workmanship in New York with Louis Comfort Tiffany. His elaborate floor, hanging, and table lamps are a good example. Tiffany spared no expense in their creation. His leaded-glass shades came on the market in 1899 and were immediately fashionable. Confident of the quality, he signed most of his work.
Lamps of art are also found which create great conversational pieces such as this one I found which also displays beautiful tapestry fabric for a touch of elegance accented with simple tassel trim.
The art of feng -shui is adding an animal touch to our rooms to create a harmony with nature around us, it brings a feeling of piece and harmony to your home or office setting.
Feng Shui represents the traditional Chinese concept of man harmonizing with his environment. Oriental philosophy proposes that we are a microcosm of a macrocosm—our outer world being a reflection of our inner world—and vice versa. It suggests that our environment affects us more than we realize.
All matter has vibration—the Hindus call it Prana—the Hebrews call it Ruach—the Greeks call it Pneuma—the Japanese call it Ki and the Chinese call it Qi (pronounced Chee).
Qi roughly translates as the life force or cosmic breath which pervades all of life. It is the force of change and transformation that is believed to have created the landscapes of our planet. If we consider Qi to be a current of energy, when we are out of step with the natural flow, it is against this current that we struggle literally. Feng Shui is concerned with overcoming this struggle by harnessing supportive Qi via placement, design, element, color, and much more.
We all know that the impact the moon has on the tides of the ocean, which is an enormous body of water. Well, we are over 60% water, so what impact might the moon have on us? Less well known is the fact that some surgeons are cautious about performing surgery around the time of the full moon because of the impact on the flow of the blood in the body.
It would seem that mankind and the planet are much more connected than we realize.

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