Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Hanging Garden

Throughout the day, magical moments occur that have the power to relax and refresh the spirit. Irene Suchocki has captured that very feeling of harmony in nature with the piece she has titled so eloquently, "Hanging Garden". Time seems suspended in her art. Whether you seek sanctuary from a square foot garden in the city, or in a flower filled bowery in the country, to be in contact with plants in any form such as art brought into your home creates a meditative mood. In these lines from a poem by the English poet Dorothy Gurny, the calming, spiritual effect of the garden is evoked. The kiss of the sun for pardon./The song of the birds for mirth,/One is nearer God's heart in a garden./Than anywhere else on earth."
This article is dedicated to my Mother, who loved working in her vegetable or flower garden, she once told me working in her garden she felt the closest to God.

"I miss you and I love you Mother". We never knew growing up that food didn't come from the fresh cuts in the garden or what can foods really were....everything was hand made with a lot of love!!!

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