Monday, September 10, 2007

Moods of Color

Color, whether gentle hues from nature's palettes or bright modern shades, can dramatically affect how people feel. Light, fresh tones are generally refreshing and soothing, while darker colors envelop, comfort, and protect; yet response to color tends to be personal and cannot be prescribed. Some people find blue restful and calming, others consider it too cool; to one person, orange is hot and overstimulating, while others relish the warmth that the color emits. The key is to find a color which you feel at peace and then work with it as a base for your theme, tranquil touches of color against a serene background.
Dark or muted colors can create a feeling of contemplative calm and quiet elegance. These colors work well in artificial light. Rich wine colors, used for chair covers, candles, or accent pillows bring a relaxing air of luxury.

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