Thursday, August 23, 2007

Achieving Serenity in our Homes and Workplace

Life is often busy and stressful. We seek the calm of the natural world when we look at a beautiful sky, clear calm waters, a soft glow from a fireplace, watching soft breezes flow through trees. These are peaceful retreats to calm the mind and soul. I try to create the same through my design. As Frank Lloyd Wright approached his architectural designs, so do I try to achieve this throughout each room in workplaces and homes. His approach was to see nature through at least one window in each room.

Little do we see Nature in our office environments and our homes. This counters daily stress and will achieve true harmony in our lives, we need to regain an affinity with the natural world. My blog is about creating serenity in our homes and workplaces to restore our energies in quiet places.

Photo taken by Christopher Noessel

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