Monday, April 1, 2013

Asian Inspiration

Tilted to one side to allow views out from the central platform, The Nest is enveloped in foliage, creating the illusion of sprouting from the forest floor like a plant. Trees grow up through the center of the platform, creating a canopy that protects and embraces the living space whilst allowing dappled light to penetrate.

Access to the deck is only achieved via timber steppers floating just above the surface of the water.

The undulating deck splits to reveal a pocket of Australian native violets. Where the deck dips an ergonomic seating area is created.

This organic sculpture is on permanent display in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens. It is a multi-terraced, recycled Corten steel structure overflowing with spectacular succulent specimens from all over the world.

This outdoor room incorporates a few key design elements, which work together to enhance the feeling of space. The incremental level changes, sinuous deck and seating curves and the directional changes in the decking help create movement and draw your eye around the space.

Suspended from a pergola of oversized timber beams is a day bed curved in the form of a palm husk that cradles the body.

Inspiration for this design comes from the Japanese philosophy of stylizing nature into miniature landscapes as a focus for meditation, and a water feature is key to this.

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