Friday, July 13, 2012

Sea Side Themes

Subtle Accents

Designer Kathy Hoffman offers a subtle nod to coastal living in this traditional great room. A sandy, neutral color palette is accented with light blues and nautical stripes. And if a home can't be on the water, why not bring the comfort of waterfront living to the interior? An oversize harbor painting above the mantel brings that feeling straight home.

Neutral Living

Waterfront Surroundings

Designer Sarah Richardson brings the comfort of the sea indoors through this cozy living space overlooking the water. To create that comfortable at-home look, she effortlessly mixes various patterns in a blue and sandy palette with whitewashed accents. Using minimal accessories, Sarah allows the wall-to-wall windows and outside views to take over as the room's focal point.

Nautical Focal Point

Nothing appeals to coastal living quite like this vintage model ship in designer Sarah Richardson's summer home. She uses the piece as a welcoming focal point for guests as they enter the dining room/sitting area. This simple incorporation of nautical decor makes the boldest statement within the space.

Hultgren coastal living room

Island Breezes

With windows swung open and a cool coastal breeze whisking through, designer Trent Hultgren has brought a true island feel to this tranquil living space. He brings the feel of seaside living inside through the room's all-white palette accented by seagrass furnishings, bamboo and nature-inspired pops of yellow-green.

Neutral hues and seashell decor to create a chic sea-inspired living space. A mix of distressed furniture and white accents showcases the casual elegance of a refined yet rustic space.

Natural Comfort

Designer Layla Palmer uses an assortment of thrifted and handmade accessories to create a rustic, coastal feel in her cottage-style living room. Beadboard walls and wood accents create a sense of comfort and coziness you can only find in a room covered in natural textures and materials.

Contemporary Retreat

Designer Darci Goodman infuses the homeowners' love for the ocean and their passion for modernism when designing this contemporary seaside retreat. Using traditional hues of white and navy blue as the primary palette, Darci also pulls in vibrant splashes of coral to create a sophisticated, summer-inspired space. However, it's the seashells and oversize coral accessories that really pull in that coastal feel.

Elegant Living

This stylish Nantucket-style home is the definition of sophisticated oceanfront living. Although the room features waves of sea blue for classic appeal, a subdued shade of coral creates an air of warmth and serves as the primary palette. And, of course, no coastal digs are complete without marine life decor. Here, designer Bruce Palmer integrates elegant sea-inspired patterns onto the window treatments, throw pillows, window seat cushions and artwork. Design by Bruce Palmer; construction by Dewson Construction Company; architecture by Olivieri, Shousky & Kiss, PA; photography by John Jenkins

Oceanic Details

Designer Allison Rejeanne wants this living room/entryway to feature a wavy, oceanic feel through its architectural and decorative details. The rails on the stairs are used to represent waves of the ocean, along with the slight curve of the staircase. The marble mosaic medallion at the base of the stairs features a shell and wave pattern in shades of sea green and gray to add color to the floor. In the living room, Allison coordinates rattan, sisal and weathered furnishings for a relaxed coastal look.

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