Sunday, December 5, 2010

Designer's Notes/Master Suites

Designer's Notes

A dark, rich, chocolate-brown accent wall sets the tone for this modern yet romantic master bedroom.

The master bedroom is a luxurious retreat that has a beautiful bed as the central focus. A silk carpet grounds the room, and a great piece of art balances the wall of windows on the opposite side.

Two structural columns in the master bedroom dictated the layout of the room. One of the two structural columns in the room was encased in a free-standing wall built to divide the master bedroom area from the office. The front of the wall acts as a headboard for the king-size bed, while the back of the wall has a built-in desk with shelving above.

The bedroom area is open to the atrium, sharing the light and allowing for views out in all directions. The stone backdrop to the bed unites the finishes with the other stone accents throughout the apartment.

This master bedroom suite is gifted with a great amount of space. The very dark brown, almost-black walls make this lofty room feel more intimate. The fireplace and TV wall was reinforced as a focal point with free form-painted horizontal stripes. The artwork, also in a horizontal format, helps maintain your eyes from perceiving the height of the ceiling. Such a bold combination takes a bit of moxie and faith in your designer's choice.

Imagine the perfect room-within-a-room for a master suite. This reading nook provides a cozy retreat, complete with a chenille-covered big easy chair and ottoman, adjustable reading lamp, and preserved Manzanita tree. The tree shelters the seating area and adds warmth and a sense of security as you relax into this cuddle space.

Warm neutrals with golden accents draw you into this warm, intimate space. The slight sheen on the drapery panels and bedding add a luminous quality, and the linear details of the fabrics and furniture are caught by the light from the wall mounted arc sconces on either side of this master bedroom. A true retreat within the home, this cozy spot will make for a memorable 'staycation'.

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