Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Garden Paths

Stamped concrete path

A curved path, high walls, soft greens, and a bubbling fountain make this Southern California garden a soothing escape.
The broad path connects the gate to the front door. The walkway is built of stamped concrete and has a dusting of multicolored sand for extra texture.

Fragrant journey

Designers know a great path includes an intriguing destination. Here, a yellow-glazed container catches the eye at the end of a lavender-edged gravel path.

Path of grass

A narrow carpet of grass, all that’s left of a once-expansive (30- by 60-foot) lawn, meanders between curved planting beds. To make room for the beds, the homeowners removed sod around the turf’s edges bit by bit as they discovered new plants they wanted to try.

Wooded escape

A flagstone path in Pasadena leads through a garden underplanted with New Zealand flax shrubs and grasses.

Desert garden path

Bold furnishings and dense plantings can help you create a getaway in your own backyard, even where gardening can be a challenge.
Individual concrete pads create the illusion that they're hovering lightly above the desert floor. Their exposed aggregate finish blends in with the native soil's stony texture.

Garden art

In Newport, CA, geometric steppingstones crossing a small pool give the illusion of walking on water.
A piece of art tucked amid greenery at the end of the path treats visitors to a visual surprise.

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