Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Glass Walls

About NanaWall®

Perceiving an unmet need for flexible solutions to large architectural openings, the founders of Nana Wall Systems delivered their first wood-framed, opening glass wall in 1986. Three years later, Nana Wall Systems, Inc. was incorporated, with the mission of finding, creating, and delivering an ever-broadening array of flexible design solutions. In 1996, Nana Wall Systems entered into partnership with Solarlux of Germany, the world leader in operable glass wall technology. Today, with manufacturer's representatives throughout the continent, Nana Wall Systems is the dominant provider of opening glass walls in North America.

A Diverse and Distinguished Clientele.

For nearly twenty years, the NanaWall® — vanishing glass wall system has re-defined interior and exterior space — and the boundary between them—in thousands of commercial and residential buildings throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Nana Wall Systems' architectural customer base includes such esteemed names as HOK, Gensler, WATG, and SOM; projects have ranged from press-boxes and suites at the new Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Mariners stadiums to luxury pool houses in private residences. NanaWall® vanishing glass walls can be found providing innovative and versatile design solutions for offices such as Starbucks' headquarters; restaurant and resort patio areas (including the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Spa); community hubs such as the Skirball Cultural Center; as well as a multitude of libraries, car dealerships, and churches.

If you can imagine it, you can create it... with NanaWall®.

At first glance, the NanaWall® looks like a wall of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, but that's where the similarity ends. Each panel is articulated on a hidden overhead track, and the panels themselves can quickly and easily open and stow away out of sight, creating breathtaking open-air vistas. With straight or curved layouts, along with hundreds of colors, finishes, and configurations at your disposal, there are virtually no limits when it comes to designing with the NanaWall®. Folding and individual panel sliding systems are available: among other virtues, folding systems create opening widths of up to 36 feet, while individual panel sliding systems offer a virtually unlimited opening-size.

 Frames are available in aluminum, wood, or aluminum-clad wood. And to make the completion of your project even easier, Nana Wall Systems maintains a complete network of independent, factory-trained installers throughout North America.

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