Monday, June 14, 2010

Man Caves

OK, now we're talking, let the man do some cooking!!!!!!!!!!! I know some men are better cooks than women, so go for it guys!!!! I could enjoy this man cave myself!!!

Are you ready for some football!!!!!!!!

Unique and contemporary where he made the most of hitting garage sales to find some great stuff!!!!!!!!!

This is pretty clever for a stairwell, if you're a guy that is????

For the music lover and old car theme, guys would love this one!!!

The term "cave" truly doesn't do justice to this expansive and luxurious space. The large, open-concept room features a sunken screening area with eight leather theater-style seats, a billiard table and a well-appointed bar with adjacent wine cellar. Warm, earthy colors and rustic touches like exposed beams and a richly stained bead board ceiling give the room a decidedly masculine feel.

These are a few makeovers any man would enjoy, which I found posted on HGTV.


  1. We loved these Man Caves so much we added them to our gallery of world's best man caves, check it out!


  2. We loved these Man Caves so much we added them to our gallery of World's Best Man Caves!

    Check it out and see more like these!

    Man Cave


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