Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ideal Tile Studio

I introduced you to Ideal Tile in 2009. These are updates from the Studio collection. My imagination went wild when I viewed their incredible samples, I felt as though I walked through an exotic art gallery, I had to share this with everyone!

People have discovered the beauty of using mosaic, glass, metal, or stone tile in their homes. It can be used in a variety of capacities and the beauty and unique style of the tile can be created specifically for your home d├ęcor. It is a true art in itself to piece together such lovely designs.

Since 1975, the Ideal Tile Company has provided its customers with unparalleled quality, service and convenience. They pride themselves in stocking a diverse, high-quality and unique collections of ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone and metal tiles & mosaics. Also, exclusive to Ideal Tile Studio Group is taking pride in finding the most exotic materials, high-end ceramics, and precious stone pieces for architects and discriminating clients alike.

Among the globally-known manufacturers they import here is a list of such brands as: Alcorense , Alfredo Salvatori, Azulev, Bonda, CVS, Cedir, Ceramica Di Treviso, Cerim, Cobsa, Cotto D'Este, Diago, Edilgres, Emil/Ergon, Eternity-Saloni, Fioranese, Fondovalle, Friends Tile, Gambarelli, Gardenia, Grazia, Halcon, Inalco, Intesa, Iris, ItalCeramica, Keraben, Kerex, Lourdes, LaRocca, Magica, Monocibec (Graal Series), Montgo, Real, Saicis, Saloni, Sea Star, Sant Agostino, Supergres, Tagina, TAM, Unicom-Starker, Valentino by Piemme, Vallelunga, Versace Ceramic Design.

In addition, their natural stone slab division can import direct to you granite, marble and limestone slabs Brazil, Italy and India.

For the past three decades, the Ideal Tile Company has been a proven leader in the tile industry, branching out to new regions and markets.

Giuseppe Grillo, CEO of Ideal Tile Studio Group, will be happy to assist you with pricing, samples and will assure your total satisfaction selecting the perfect materials for your project.It has been my pleasure introducing you to Ideal Tile Studio and their beautiful products.

Contact Information:

T (732) 308-0003

Visit their website to view more beautiful products!!!!

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