Friday, May 14, 2010

Small Backyard Solutions

These are a few ideas for small yard makeovers. A stone path leads to an elevated stone patio and tranquil water feature.


This artful design creates an English cottage garden and effectively doubles the living space. The bluestone pavers form the foundation of a new patio, then alternate with bricks to create a meandering path to the back wall, where a simple pergola shades a bench.

Granite pavers laid on the diagonal make the space seem larger. The design called for a trellis atop the brick wall, but the wall wasn't strong enough for the bolts, so planters filled with boxwoods were installed to furnish the necessary privacy.

Want to increase the attractiveness of your veggie garden? Pitch out the concept of straight rows. Curved beds, stonework and a decorative piece turn the garden into an ornamental display.

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