Monday, March 1, 2010

Kitchen Concepts

German kitchen giant Miele DIE KÜCHE has rebranded itself as Warendorf, rolling out four new kitchen models by one of the biggest names in design, Philippe Starck. The designs represent something of a departure, both physically and functionally, from the traditional wall-to-wall kitchen models. Starck calls it ‘democratic design’. Its wide range of individual elements - and the ability to combine them in different ways - make for wide appeal to a range of consumers, lifestyles and spaces.

All four concepts are designed with the philosophy of the kitchen as a social hub, merging the practical utilities of food preparation and eating with living functions. The aesthetic can be likened to a living room rather than a traditional kitchen. Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ovens etc are all concealed behind handle-less unit fronts. Accompanying exhaust hoods disappear into the ceiling when not in use. And finally, there is the Trumpet Table. It is a functional table that serves as a response to changed kitchen dynamics. It can be integrated into every Philippe Starck kitchen - or serve as a standalone concept, and serves as anything from a working and dining area (with a sink and flush-mounted cooker hob) to a working module (complete with a sink, cooker hob, pull-out drawers and bar-height dining table) or simply a round bar-height table.

Library uses bookshelf-style elements to combine culture and food in the domestic kitchen. A wall-high frame of shelves, surrounding the kitchen monoblock, is accessible via a sliding ladder.

Primary is a small space solution and can be customized to your space using its modular components. “A compact version of the luxury kitchen, extendable with supplement modules.”

Duality, as its name might suggest, is accessible on both sides. “Traditional wall element or detached kitchen island” (and room divider) - you decide.

Finally, Tower reduces cooking to its essentials: fire, water, hot and cold are all incorporated into rotating towers and concealed behind sleek doors.

Miele DIE KÜCHE’s rebranding as Warendorf is an attempt at marking the beginning of a new kitchen era. They explain, “Miele kitchens come from Warendorf and that is also their new name. The quality and experience of the last 35 years are here to stay, a new way of thinking and a new design are added to the mix.”

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