Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home Ideas

Spice up an all-white den with tangerine accents. A Moroccan floor cushion and cozy throw blanket become statement pieces in this simple, symmetrical living room.

A wash of pastels brings this coastal living room together. Promote conversation with four chairs instead of the traditional sofa, anchored by round ottoman.

In recent years, pretty much the only place you could spot a beverage cart was in black-and-white movies. But recently, the wheeled, multitrayed carts have been appearing in stores. "Entertaining at home is hot right now, and people have rediscovered the utility cart.
 If you're unsure where to go first in this Abilene, Texas, home, just follow the cat tracks. From the front door, tiny feline footprints lead toward the open living area. Guests frequently comment on them, not because the homeowners refuse to clean the floor, but because the footprints are the only reminder of a cat who long ago stepped across the terra-cotta tiles while they were drying in the sun in Mexico, leaving his mark forever.

It's a quarter to five and here's a country kitchen, modern in every way, where hearty meals are prepared for big appetites. There is a two-oven stove, a warming oven across the way, a wine cooler and no-worry concrete countertops. The kitchen has easy access to the family room and to a very large dining room.

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  1. Love the four chairs instead of a sofa, almost like a round dining table.. Just great for conversation. And I can't see any cat prints, but that sounds really cute actually. Have a great day Cynthia =)


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