Thursday, January 28, 2010

High Street Style

HighStreet was created for people who are wild about design. Co-founded by Matt Knotts and Leah Spurrier, the eight-thousand square foot downtown Cincinnati facility offers an award-winning Design studio and Urban Lifestyle Store.

Based on the boundary-free blending principles of modern London style, HighStreet exists to encourage American consumers and lifestyle enthusiasts to think for themselves when it comes to buying and collecting ... to hunt for fierce objects they can relate to ... and expect intelligent design to follow.

Other than the products of their own design, products at HighStreet come from literally everywhere, offering what they refer to as the greatest shopping of the world, abridged.

HighStreet offers enduring design products that mix well into any lifestyle - items that can be placed into any context (modern or otherwise) and elevate the outcome.
If you are on a mission of well-articulated personal expression, about collecting enduring living objects, and about not taking it all so seriously, HighStreet offers a design-conscious lifestyle that is personal and meaningful.
The Design Studio at HighStreet offers design services in many forms: Art Direction, Interior Design, Trend Forecasting, Consulting on Design Culture, Philosophy and Consumer Goods, Exterior Planning, Product Design, Corporate/Commercial Space Planning and Design, Restaurant, Hospitality, Total Brand Consideration, and Design of Outdoor and Public Space.

Whatever your visual intelligence, HighStreet is a vehicle to learn and to push yourself forward… a hotbed of activity, information, and the source of great inspiration.

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