Saturday, January 30, 2010


When looking at modern houses lately, you may not notice that curtains or draperies are no longer a point of interest. Their place was taken by the contemporary blinds, which are a lot easier to take care of and manage. If fabric is used it is for accent/color/ or privacy only with smaller amounts of material. However, you have to agree draperies give a special feel to certain rooms and in those homes they do exist, they bring wonders in matters of overall interior design. I love blending window treatments with coordinated fabrics for pillows and other accessories, which completely changes the feel, for that total custom look of elegance.

I hope you were inspired and remember the old days when curtains and draperies ruled the world of indoor arrangements.via fresh home

Tapestries For Your Floors

Tapestries for your floors with many styles to choose from, Oriental, Contemporary, Trasitional, Shag and Flokati, Children's Rugs, Southwestern, Animal Prints, Solid, Novelty, Striped, Check and Plaid, Country and Floral, Holiday, Lodge, Natural Fiber, Sports and Colleges + More Options

Friday, January 29, 2010

TV Tub

Whether you are a guy, live with one or are designing for one, chances are that deep down, they care much more about the appearance of their bathroom than the dirt-factor might let on. Know a guy in need of an upgrade? This week we've fallen for OMC Design's uber-compact "manity", Karim Rashid's TV Tub combo for Saturn and Fap Ceramiche's Futura Collection tiles.

Karim Rashid’s tub is, of course, a handsome number. Made of Liquid Acrylic Resin in starkest white, it boasts a high-sided profile with a subtly sloping prow, giving it a distinctly nautical feel. The waterproof screen is artfully incorporated into the foot end, providing the perfect punctuation mark to your ritual of cleansing and relaxation.

Time will tell if the TV Tub gains entry into the residential market. I suspect this will have much to do with the price tag—and the state of our state, since such high luxury items tend to fall by the wayside during financial slowdowns. For the present, however, I predict the Saturn TV Tub will appear in high-end hotels and condos of every stripe. And you know what they say… as the Ritz goes, so goes the U.S.A…via 3 Rings

Thursday, January 28, 2010

High Street Style

HighStreet was created for people who are wild about design. Co-founded by Matt Knotts and Leah Spurrier, the eight-thousand square foot downtown Cincinnati facility offers an award-winning Design studio and Urban Lifestyle Store.

Based on the boundary-free blending principles of modern London style, HighStreet exists to encourage American consumers and lifestyle enthusiasts to think for themselves when it comes to buying and collecting ... to hunt for fierce objects they can relate to ... and expect intelligent design to follow.

Other than the products of their own design, products at HighStreet come from literally everywhere, offering what they refer to as the greatest shopping of the world, abridged.

HighStreet offers enduring design products that mix well into any lifestyle - items that can be placed into any context (modern or otherwise) and elevate the outcome.
If you are on a mission of well-articulated personal expression, about collecting enduring living objects, and about not taking it all so seriously, HighStreet offers a design-conscious lifestyle that is personal and meaningful.
The Design Studio at HighStreet offers design services in many forms: Art Direction, Interior Design, Trend Forecasting, Consulting on Design Culture, Philosophy and Consumer Goods, Exterior Planning, Product Design, Corporate/Commercial Space Planning and Design, Restaurant, Hospitality, Total Brand Consideration, and Design of Outdoor and Public Space.

Whatever your visual intelligence, HighStreet is a vehicle to learn and to push yourself forward… a hotbed of activity, information, and the source of great inspiration.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Portable Kitchens of the Future

The Gorenie Ora-Ito kitchen by Morabito blends advanced technology with simple functionality and allows you to put your kitchen wherever you want it. This freestanding, transportable kitchen can be placed inside or outside, upstairs or downstairs, and if you move, you can bring it with you. Made from a single block of composite material, the four-ton prototype offers a sturdy yet elegantly designed haven for cooking, dining, or relaxing. And, the material is resistant to the various weather conditions, so cooking outdoors is a daily option. It also comes fully loaded with appliances that make your kitchen experience convenient and pleasurable. The collection includes ovens, refrigerators, extractor hoods, ceramic hobs, microwaves and dishwashers. The kitchen has a unique, iPod-white structure and exquisite appliances made of black glass, brushed aluminum surfaces and aluminum handles; truly a beauty to behold. This is the kitchen of the 21st century. Via Apartment Therapy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Embedded Alarm

The Melted Clock in bed sheet alarm clock by Florian Schaerfer offers a new and innovative way to wake up on time. Etched into the fabric of the bed sheet, the touch-sensitive alarm clock allows you to set or shut off the alarm without ever opening your eyes. Built-in speakers project the sound of music from the embedded radio so you can wake up to the news report or your favorite music station. Three control icons are embroidered on the sheet, enabling you to use each function as desired. The whole idea is to move your hand across the sheet’s surface to adjust the functions or feel the time. The clock components are made of silicone and impressed onto the sheet through a slat of EPS (electroactive polymer), which is activated by electricity. Once activated, the slat stretches and raises the silicone component, providing the imprinted numbers that can be felt on the clock. Now you can feel the time and decide whether or not to sleep longer. And, the silicone segment can be removed when you need to wash the sheets. Designer: Florian Schaerfer. via Yanko Design

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Futuristic Kitchen

The futuristic stainless steel kitchen by Bautek brand offers a dynamic blend of aesthetic charm with long-lasting durability. From the sink to the stove, and everything in between, the kitchen is fully made out of 100% stainless steel. Not only will you receive the highest of quality, you’ll also benefit from the sophistication that these appliances come packaged with. Now, when you’re slicing and dicing vegetables over the kitchen counter, don’t fret if your knife accidentally slips off the cutting board and chops the countertop, stainless steel can withstand the harshest conditions. This exquisite kitchen keeps a fresh, clean look without much maintenance. It also carry’s a natural sheen that exudes aesthetic excellence. Flip your eggs or pancakes over a stainless steel stove that won’t get dirty easily. And, if dirt builds up in any spot, the clean up requires very little effort. It’s almost self-preserving. Plus, you will thoroughly enjoy the functionality enhancements that this kitchen has to offer. Visit Grupfrecan.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Electric Tubs

The Tub-E electronic bathtub by Wild Terrain Designs presents comfort, style and luxury in the place you need it most – your bathroom. Offered in stainless steel or copper, this charming bathtub boasts a futuristic bucket design with comfortable seating and various adjustment options. A sturdy staircase, covered in perforated stainless steel, swivels around the electronic tub, allowing you to enter and exit your bathtub in fine style. The Tub-E also has a built-in heater placed under the seat, which enables you to set tub water to the perfect temperature. Pinhole LED lights are inserted into the outer edges of the bathtub, providing light at nighttime so that your bathing experience is always enjoyable. This multifunctional system includes an auto fill, auto empty and auto clean option, allowing you to do other things while you prepare for the bath of your dreams. You can also add a number of exquisite oils to the tub during its fill cycle. The Tub-E software provides one touch programming, making it easy for you to have the bath you desire on a daily basis. The tub is also eco-friendly, as it conserves water and reduces labor costs. Check it out via Wild Terrain Designs.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taxing Task/Accounting for every Dime

My latest project was a CPA firm in Charlotte NC. The firm added offices due to expansion, preparing for the upcoming tax season which lasts from January through April 15th.

The project began with the existing cherry wood desk which included a black leather work area. A white file cabinet, leather side chair and wood table with glass, was purchased in a liquidation sale. I painted the file cabinet and table black to begin the color palatte. Added the black pole lamp for uplighting. Purchased a new lamp shade for the existing wrought iron lamp base. Keeping the shade off white brought out the color on the wall and in the photographs, certificates and art.  The rug tied in the black, cherry and off whites beautifully!

White 4" wood blinds will be added to complete the office.

Adding my client's personality into the office, I found this horn which worked great for holding a light touch of greenery. The clock matched the wrought iron lamp base and included an old world backface.

A fica tree was placed in the far corner of the office for balance and warmth, a cherry leather side chair was added between the plant and the desk for guests.

The collage included the Account/CPA's certifications mixed with pictures of his favorite musician and sports figures. (New frames on two of the pictures are in process)

The rug acts as a focal point, when entering the office, and pulls the colors from the art above the lamp.

Accessories, were selected with my clients love for history,family,music, sports and his home state of Tennesse.

The project totaled 300.00, which was the budget. I guess you can say I passed a taxing task and designed this office on a dime. Form fuses beautifully with function preparing this accountant to prepare his clients taxes and budgets in a relaxed peaceful atmosphere. "All it takes is a little to add a lot".

The firm of Davis, Goldstein and Associates has been voted the best tax firm in Charlotte. The firm offers a wide range of services to  individuals and business clients. Because the firm is relatively small, their clients benefit by getting personalized quality service that is beyond comparison.

I found their newsletter and financial tools informative for tax and accounting tips.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Shelving Design

This storage unit operates like an accordion, similarly to Molo’s Softwall. The same functionality and flexibility applies to both Molo’s soft wall and de Jong’s REK bookshelf. Although different materials and operations are in effect, the idea is the same. The exterior of REK is finished with a white high gloss laminate and the inside in a warm-grey satin laminate. Even without the need for flexible storage, REK is a beautiful piece easily likened to a piece of art.

Throughout life we acquire possessions: from books and small objects purchased throughout travels to meaningful gifts. They end up stored in cardboard boxes, unappreciated or displayed somewhere within our homes. Rotterdam-based designer Reinier de Jong introduces a storage solution to accommodate our ever-changing needs: REK is an expandable bookcase that grows with your collection and is always full, regardless of the quantity of books and objects it holds.
Like the Toto’s expandable v-bed, REK grows with you and your space. “The more books, the bigger the bookcase,” according to the designer. Although the basic idea has been around for centuries, the application is entirely innovative. Kitchen bowls of varying sizes fit within each other for consolidated storage, and Russian nesting dolls which decrease in size, are placed one inside the other. These objects have the ability to be space-saving in their consolidated form, but individual components can be expanded out from each other to reveal themselves. The same ideas apply to REK whose five components are like puzzle pieces. “When in use, the zigzag shaped parts slide in or out to accommodate books in the resulting voids.” The relationship between solid and void changes as it is reconfigured, resulting in more or less storage and taking up more or less space. REK is anything from a solid sculptural object to a series of large open bookshelves.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Designer's View

In this article, I am going to critique each of these rooms, it is usually what a designer sees when she/he walks into a room. I feel this room has balance and the colors blend beautifully. First of all your focal point is the sofa, then the eye moves toward the black in the accessories and pictures, the next thing that makes this room blend beautifully is that the colors in the rug are picked up with the choice of colors reflected in the pictures and the paint on the wall. The plant to the left keeps warmth in the room and balance with the window. Placing the lamp on the opposite side allows, once again ,balance. The sheer black window treatment keeps the room contemporary, light and airy!!! I would give this a WOW great job!!!

First look, you see lovely furniture and balance with the lamps, plant and picture. YIKES, the wall color is way to harsh. It conflicts with the bright blue in the picture. The wall color should be the subtle color of blue/grey in the rug.

Beautiful setting, love the patio set. Now it needs a center piece with whites, greens and purple to pull the colors out of the cushions for a focal point. Weather permitting, an indoor/Outdoor rug, accenting the same colors from the cushions would warm this great patio setting.

Nice color balance here, the only thing I would change is the height of the picture. It needs to be moved up on the wall. The rug is acceptable but I feel it needs to be more in the taupe color like the wall. A great accent rug with taupes, white, reds and yellow would really make this room POP!!!!

Nice balance here, lovely blend of colors. Great accent pattern on the pillows and love the fringe! Good balance with the lamps and pictures. Love, love, love the fabric on the sofa and chairs.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ultimate in Bathing

In the master bath, Wolf placed Clodagh aCollection's Zen cast-concrete tub on a concrete slab inside the glassed-in shower enclosure to make it "a sculptural focal point." Faucets and shower fixtures by Waterworks. Wolf designed the nickel and mahogany console-style vanity and fitted it with glass Vitraform sinks. Floors and walls are honed limestone.

Step into the Medicis copper tub by Herbeau and it feels as if you've stepped into another era. An antique Italian chair follows the curve. Inlaid Indian Almirah armoire from Charles Jacobsen.

Bathroom by Stephen Shubel

To complement the black-and-white master bedroom, the walls of the master bath were painted in bold black-and-white stripes.

Bathroom by Lawrence Rizkowsky

The master bath has an authentic period look. The 1920s tiles are from Scott Wells; 1920s chandelier is from Remains. Walls are Clarence House's Les Fougères in Bianco; curtains are Cowtan & Tout's Trailing Leaf in white. The 1870s faux-bamboo mirror is from Hideaway House.

Bathroom by Jill Sharp Brinson

The Waterworks Cambridge tub was a birthday gift from Brinson's husband. "I wanted it to feel like a trough in an old barn, with the faucet coming directly out of the wall." A mirrored cabinet hides a television.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warming Things Up

A design so logical it belies its status as wall art: the Glascia from Skope. An attractive wall mount towel warmer, the look is entirely contemporary. Focused on a winning combination of glass and stainless steel, the look is streamlined and up-to-date. Glascia gives off a cozy heat that keeps your towels, but also your bathroom, dry and fresh. The modular styling of the radiator means that you can pick from one to four panels to make up the towel warmer. It’s a great choice for large or smaller spaces. A welcome choice that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing – the Glascia from Skope.