Saturday, January 2, 2010

Color Trends for 2010

Hot off the press!! As interior designers we have access to the HOME INDUSTRY COLOR FORECAST months before being released to the general public. (Choosing paint colors made easy) provided us with the colors announcement.

The popular paint colors of nature continue to dominate the color trends for 2010. However the uncertainty about the future, leads to a new direction of personal discovery and alternative thinking. Gone is the harshness of Black Satin from the 2009 palette but the carbon grays and earthen browns are again present in the 2010 three color trend collections. Gold and bronze metallics are still trendy paint colors, adding optimism in our chaotic world. The infrequent presence of blue in the three collections implies a reminder to conserve water. Vision of hope for the future is seen in yellow rays of sunshine that are sprinkled in each collection.

May the 2010 Color Schemes for Home Decorating Inspire You...


Hybrids, sustainability and concern for the earth’s vulnerability are the core of this collection. Reducing one’s carbon footprint, buying natural materials and organic food permeates our lives. When deciding what colors to paint a room, nature provides the solution.
The colors of Earthen Goddess range from moss of the forest floor to the tan and gray stones of the riverbed. Blasts of color are extracted from fruits and vegetables. These earthen organic paint colors seem to make the home feel healthier.


Richness in life is personally defined. Discovery of one’s uniqueness, harmony of life, and well being gains new importance. Adventure has no global boundaries. Inner opulence is complete with romance and passion.
The Inner Opulence collection has rich shades of passion purple interspersed with mulberry and fades to a pale pink. Gold metallic provides the confident luxury while soothing hues creates the harmony. Unexpected bold shades provide the adventure of the Inner Opulence.


Playful Panache is composed of artistic, technical, and intellectual inventiveness. A new culture emerges that is daring, entertaining and flamboyant. Multitasking creates a universal need for multifunctional products. Vitality and youthful spirit crosses all generational groups.

Brilliant colors add zest to the Playful Panache collection, and dazzling bronze provides the intellectual energy. The techno green and mysterious blue are never to be seen without a color in between. Medium shades associated with the earth’s natural habitat complete this collection and provide the neutral paint colors.

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