Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tassel History

Tassels have been used to symbolize rank, status, and luxury for centuries. Both military officials and religious sects have used these flowing embellishments, whether attached to clothing, uniforms, or other important objects associated with rank and status. Tassels have also served practical purposes over the years, such as distinguishing a key and helping keep small items from becoming lost. Even today, tassels are used for status, the most prominent example of which is the graduation tassel attached to a mortar board.
In sixteenth century France, a formal guild for passementerie was formed; a group of artisans specializing in tassels and trimmings as artwork. These elaborate embellishments may have taken weeks or months to create from the finest materials.
Today, more elaborate tassels are sought-after as design elements. Yet whether you choose a simple, fun design or an elegant, artistic piece, using tassels as embellishments has a rich history and a myriad of possible applications.

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