Friday, August 12, 2016

Mediterranean and Tuscan design

Rustic Outdoor Seating Area                                                                                                                                                      More:

tuscan style love the light fixtures and the wood counter!:

Interior design kitchen materials finishes:

at ceiling put the 2 pieces of trim, paint in the center of the 2 your accent color.:

Old World, Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish & Tuscan Homes & Decor:  Iniciar un negocio. Fije su mal crédito.  (844) 897-3018  Old World, Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish & Tuscan Homes & Decor:

A rustic mountain retreat perfect for entertaining in Big Sky:  fijar crédito ahora  (844) 897-3018  Old World, Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish & Tuscan Homes & Decor:  Vamos a ayudarle a solucionar sus problemas de crédito malo hoy.  (844) 897-3018  Old World, Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish & Tuscan Homes & Decor

Mediterranean and Tuscan design styles share many similarities, because Italy's Tuscan region
lies along the coast of the Mediterranean. The main difference is that Tuscan style is focused solely on influences from Italy, while Mediterranean designs incorporate elements from other cultures, including Spanish, French Moroccan, Turkish and Grecian influences. A closer look at each style can help you decide if either one makes a good fit for your personal decor scheme. I particularly love the hardwood floors mixed with the old world fabrics, pottery and art.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Old World Charm

I adore the old world textures mixing the old and the new in design themes and these are a few of my favorites.

Serenity In Design HGTV Interview

Serenity In Design-Cynthia Phillips

Jacqueline Dowling of multiview media contacted me and asked if I would be interested in interviewing Libby Langdon and David Gregg at HGTV, they were introduced to me and the interview began as one professional to another we had a lot of fun and gained industry knowledge from each other.

Cynthia  received her A.S.I.D. in interior design in 1993 and is now retired, she continues to manage Serenity In Design blog, were she publishes articles about Interior Design, Design Products, Art and Artists as well as accomplished designers in the industry. My site can be found at

First of all I want to say thank you to HGTV for inviting me to conduct this interview with Libby Langdon and David Gregg. Both Libby and David's credentials speak for themselves as having achieved such high honors in the design industry.

David Gregg has achieved remarkable success as a New Product Journalist on television, radio, print and the web. David combines his relatable style and easy to follow information while featuring the latest consumer products (electronics, appliances, housewares, leisure) during his television and radio segments. He is a regular in-studio guest on major market television stations across the country, among them: -WPIX-New York, WAGA-Atlanta, WLS-Chicago, WJBK-Detroit, WTTG-Washington D.C. and has been seen nationally on - Fox News Channel's "Fox and Friends", The Daily Buzz, CNN, ABC's "The View" and The Discovery Channel. David is also a frequently featured contributor on CBS News - “The Early Show" and is currently the Senior Editor of

Libby Langdon is an interior designer and an expert commentator on HGTV’s hit show Small Space, Big Style. Libby is also Rachael Ray’s go-to interior design “buddy”, and frequently appears on The Rachel Ray Show doing design makeovers. Libby was the interior designer on the Discovery makeover pilot called Construction Intervention and hosted the FOX makeover TV show, Design Invasion. She is also the author of Libby Langdon’s Small Space Solutions. Libby has appeared on The View, The Early Show, BetterTV, and NBC's Open House NYC. Her designs have been featured on magazine covers of Hamptons Cottages and Gardens, New England Home and Decorating Spaces. She is a regular contributor and small space expert to Woman's Day, Budget Decorating, Better Homes and Gardens, and Glamour as well as a regular contributor to the nation’s top daily newspapers with her design, entertaining and food ideas. Libby is also a regular on WCBS radio as an Interior Design/Lifestyle expert.

Cynthia Phillips

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Black Elegance

 Black is a relaxing, elegant and sexy, it is in everything from frames to photographs. I prefer to use basic black furniture and build around it with color the basic black dress anything goes with it.

 Using black in your larger and most costly items then allows you to go crazy with accent pieces and color schemes, which you can change as often as you like.

Look at design magazines, furniture catalogues and showroom displays today, and you're likely to see more than just a touch of black. Kelly Wearstler uses basic black to enhance most of her designs like the pictures above.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Tuscan Design Kitchens

tuscan kitchen design | ... Tuscan Kitchen Style With Marble Countertop | Kitchen Design Ideas and:

Rustic Tuscan Kitchen Check out the website, some girl tried a new diet and tracked her results:

Wood rustic counter tops bring old world charm to this design.

Although this would be way too expensive to do I would take some of the ideas and find a cheaper way to incorporate it into my existing kitchen. Example: backsplash design and the chandelier:

Although this would be way too expensive to do I would take some of the ideas and find a more
economic way to incorporate it into an existing kitchen design. Example: Back splash design and chandelier.

I want to cook in this kitchen :) maybeeee if I prove my cooking skills are good enough! Lol:

Ah, the elegance of deep wood tones, and too match the floor was an added surprise of Tuscan charm.

New Estates / wcell3.jpg LOVE the arched stone window and the cabinets..... who am I kidding.? all of it:

This is the finale' of designs featuring the wine rack and the roughed counter tops.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Interior Design I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lovely, Tuscan feel to this design.

Black on Black

So Sexy and sophisticated!!!!

MC1 House - Costa Rica

Dramatic but simple entrance. LOVE the stairs!!!!

 Bisha Hotel & Residences

Very unique style !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a POP of color, white is like black, allows you to change color palettes easily.


The open concept, against a neutral palette is oh, so warming and dramatic.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Black, Brown and White Theme

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (7)

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (4)

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (13)

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (20)

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (27)

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (28)

I love the contemporary style of these book shelves, beauty and function.

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (31)

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (37)

The accent wall of wood is spotlighted and quite different from a normal display, continue reading to see what it is actually used for, which will surprise you.

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (38)

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (34)

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (40)

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (46)

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino (52)

The low lighting offers a soothing feel and is perfect for relaxing in your bathing environment to offer a spa like feeling.

Giolitti by Fabio Fantolino: Located in the center of Turin. The living area, is opposed to the sleeping are of cozy and intimate spaces.

In the lounge, the resin and baked brushed brown oak, give balance to a living room that with the sofas, rugs and chairs make this environment full of atmosphere.

The Interiors are embellished with precious materials such as the pantry: built as a vintage cabinet using old woods make it a centerpiece for display.