Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Modern Painted Mural Walls

I really like this look.


If you live in the Charlotte NC area, I recommend Rosalia's Art for painting murals.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Description by A-cero

A-cero presents one of its last projects in single family houses in Marbella. The property is placed on the outskirts of Puerto Banús, in one of the most famous and exclusive developments in the Sun Coast. This development is located on one side of a mountain but very close to the coast, with plenty of Mediterranean vegetation.
The plot where the project is located has a notorious slope that goes down to the South from the street access. This fact would determinate the design to adapt the house to the environment and achieve excellent views of the Mediterranean Sea. The possibilities of the plot and the wishes of the property appear in the execution of this huge project.
The floor is rectangular and places the most used spaces to the south façade in order to enjoy the views. Here is where the plot is open to the outside.
The north façade, where is located the access to the house, is more sober but forceful from an architectonic point of view, with walls and plans crossed and cut. There is a path with geometric forms covered with a layer of water that goes to the main door. The windows are secondary on the aesthetics of the house, but really important to give light to the corridors, distributors or common spaces.
All the rooms, both public and private, are located in the rear part of the house, with the porch, the pool, the garden and a tennis court. In this part of the house, orientated to the south, the black glass windows are bigger to connect the outside with the inside, like the big one in the living room that hides in the floor automatically.
The greatest part, in architectonic terms, is the big volume over the porch where stays the main bedroom on the first floor.
The property is “dressed” with Roman transventilated travertine stone.
Inside, the house has wide spaces, all of them modeled by natural light.
The property is developed in three levels:
The low floor is the most public space and includes the living-room, kitchen, dining room, laundry and a little service room.
The first floor is the most private area and here we can find the bedrooms and a little office. The ground floor is dedicated to a relax area, with a spa, an internal pool, gym and garage. The large central courtyards that articulate the property core give light to this level of the house.

Modern Homes

Love the floors!!!!!!!!!!!!! So rich in color!!!

This design has a feel of a water fall inside the home, LOVE this design.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Luxury Fabric

Gorgeous bright fabrics with a glamorous gleam, the new Bises Luxury Fabric collection from Rubelli and Sahco brings exotic flair to modern interiors. Featuring bold designs and vibrant spectacular colours, these luxury fabrics make a powerful statement. Founded by Ruggero Bises over 30 years ago, Rubelli is known for its design innovation and reinterpretations of traditional motifs. From graphic patterns to exotic florals the luxury fabrics use large scale patterns for dramatic effects. Sensual gleaming fabrics, wrap furnishings and windows in lush decadent beauty. Vibrant woven beauty, the Rubelli Bises Collection instantly transforms furnishings and interiors into sensual artistic masterpieces.

Ruggero Bises founded his textile design company in 1971, incorporating it into Rubelli some years later. Known for bold designs and spectacular colors, Bises has a long history of design innovation and stunning interpretations of traditional motifs.

Whether for sumptuous colors, unique constructions, or the often-huge scale of its patterns, Bises is a distinct departure from traditional Italian design, and a welcome addition to the Bergamo Fabrics collection of beautiful textiles.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Frank Lloyd Wright's Home

waterfall outside falling water

Frank Lloyd's Wright's style of design is what inspired me through my design career. His philosophy was simple. Every room must be created with a View of Nature!!!

falling water outside

house over waterfall

house close to nature

steps in the house

Watch how the home was built below click on the link.!

Read more about Frank L Wright

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vintage meets Modern


I love vintage clothing also, and I loved this dress. The style looks vintage but the fabric and pattern is modern.