Monday, December 20, 2010

Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor 01 fire design

Lean and Clean

While enormous hearths have their charm, not everyone has the room to accommodate those structures. A contemporary, gas-fired alternative like this module unit from Spark Modern Fires is more environmentally friendly than wood burners and can be modified for custom designs. What's more, it turns on with the flick of a remote. Photo by Spark Modern Fires.

Outdoor 03 burning bowl

An Intimate Firebowl

A beautifully-shaped firebowl, such as a Greek urn, is an attractive and portable alternative to traditional outdoor hearths. This bowl, designed by Ian Knepper, is a sculptural work of art that provides a safe and clean flame and is small enough to be positioned anywhere. It offers a wonderful opportunity to nestle chairs around for an intimate gathering. Photo by Ian Knepper.

Outdoor 04 fireplace and column

Warmth Under a Pergola

It's nice to have a backyard entertainment space set apart from the main living area. You can gather around the blazing fire, look up at the stars and pretend you are far away from civilization.
This standalone fireplace from Stirling StoneWorks sits under a garden pergola on a stone patio. A raised hearth adds seating for outdoor entertaining. Photo by Melody Saunders Brenna; Stirling StoneWorks.

Outdoor 07 fire design on patio

A Wall of Fire

Modern, modular gas-fueled fire ribbons offer enormous design versatility. A fire wall is used as a dramatic enhancement to the outdoor architecture. This unit is constructed from stainless steel with waterproof internal components, a remote control and an electronic ignition. Photo by Spark Modern Fires.

Outdoor 08 fire pit and seating

The Circle of Flames

Whether you live in the frigid North or are more accustomed to warm breezes and rustling palms, there's no better way to enjoy the company of friends than around a blazing fire as the night descends. Today's fire pits come with all the conveniences of modern life. Photo by Snassek.

Outdoor 09 fireplace and seating

Bringing the Indoors Out

A classically-styled stone mantelpiece will be the center of attention, whether it is in your living room or on the patio. With the right seating arrangement, your backyard becomes a natural extension of your home. Choosing materials that complement each other and considering lighting options, materials and furniture are key components in creating a comfortable outdoor entertainment hub. Photo by Winston Furniture.

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