Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glass Houses

Interior fireplace

If you follow my blog you are aware I love glass houses, this one truly gives you the
experience of bringing the outside indoors. The Fireorb fireplace frees up floor space, and the spindly tables, chairs, and even kitchen counters help the home feel uncluttered.

Santa Monica custom home winner dining room

The dining room opens onto the semi-walled entrance area. The open floor plan and careful window placement eliminate the need for air-conditioning.

Modern prefab home

The result of a design/build class taught by Jennifer Siegal and Michael P. Johnson, it’s a dynamic, livable house that honors Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy while tackling important design issues of today, from innovative prefabrication to sustainable systems like solar panels and rainwater and gray-water collection.

Landscape and architecture home design

Sustainable features and native plants up the ante on a seamless integration of indoors and out.

Green roof garden

A grassy roof helps keep the kitchen from heating up in warm months.

Sliding doors let evaporation from the swimming pool cool the house.

Urban living apartment building

The use of a structural steel frame allowed for more flexible floor plans: Someday, for instance, units A and C could be combined to make an apartment large enough to house a home office, an aging parent, or a growing family.

Seattle rooftop home roof and view

The roof's deep overhang keeps the rooms cool even though the walls are glass.

Eco-friendly home design

Geothermal systems that heat and cool the house, and solar panels providing power, let this house sit relatively lightly on a dramatic landscape.

Custom-built glass home

This largely glass house slices across the steeply sloping site, taking advantage of the mature trees, which help preserve some privacy.

Montecito custom home

As wildfires often ravage this part of the Santa Barbara coast, the architects chose fire-resistant materials (steel, concrete) for the construction.

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