Saturday, October 2, 2010

Color Splash Home Decor

Try these unique home decor wall hangings for a pop of color to enhance any room in your home.
I fell in love with this piece when I saw it online. When it arrived I was even more pleased. In the picture you can't tell that it's a bit dimensional. The different shapes raise out by different amounts, some about an inch, some a half an inch and some not at all. This really adds to the beauty. It's well made and easy to hang. I highly recommend it.
Bought as a Housewarming gift for Daughter & Son-in-law, they absolutely loved it and it matched their color scheme perfectly. 

Recommend this purchase...I might even go back and buy it for my own home!

I love this wall art. The size and colors are so nice.
Also I see the lightweight as a advantage! Great choice. The words do not show in the picture of course.

A design idea is to stack 3 of these on top of each other against a wall backdrop of red, yellow, green, or gold to make a dramatic color splash statement.

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