Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Chairs

Happy Chair is the creative expressions of NASCAR race driver Shawna Robinson. Her background in professional racing spans more than 20 years. Her creativity and passion for design go back even further.

This weekend I received, "Charlotte", magazine and found a great article about Shawna Robinson. I was intriqued by the fact that she uses vintage chairs, restores them and adds colorful prints with mix patterns to create these fun/unique designs. Shawna displays her "Happy Chairs" at Sleepy Poet Stuff located here in Charlotte. 
How fun are these chairs, great for a dorm room, daughter's room or just simply because you love it!!! Shawna offers many other accents to elegant styles as well.

Check out Shawna's media page below for more creative designs...

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  1. OMgosh I love these happy chairs! So creative..reminds me of when I use to paint happy furniture years ago..I love grits! I have two brothers that live down south people are so friendly there!


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