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Art of Wall Hangings

Decorating Your Home with Wall Pictures

If your home contains a room that seems empty or void of character, adding the right art prints to the walls will add life and color without the need for complicated decorating schemes. Adding art to the walls is one of the easiest and quickest ways to spice up a room. Fine art prints are a crucial feature of your home's interior decorative style. They help tie together the colors and style of furniture and other items in the room. Before purchasing prints to hang on the walls, consider a few things to make your purchases more appropriate. Here are some tips to guide you in the process of decorating your home with art.

Choose Your Wall Art for Each Room

The style and function of your home, as well as the mood and ambiance of the decor, needs to align perfectly with your lifestyle. A home built for a large and active family will not work well if you fill it with furniture that can't be used by children. The same concept applies to the process of choosing wall art for your home. Decide on the style for a specific room, and then choose the fine art prints to match it.

Consider the function of the room you're decorating. Bedrooms need different decoration considerations than a kitchen or an office space. Art that would be appropriate in a bathroom may not match the ambiance of a busy living room. For example, consider these questions:

*Will the room be used for entertaining or dinner parties?

*Is the room a personal space, a quiet retreat away from everything else?

*Will children be playing in this room?

*What other activities (hobbies, work, exercise) will take place here?

Once the function of the room is clear, a color theme can be chosen. Color has a great effect on the mood and feeling of occupants, so care needs to be taken to choose an appropriate color. Pale and neutral greens and blues are calming and quiet colors, perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. Yellows, reds, and oranges are much more lively and bold colors, and work in a playroom or living room that is used often.

Choosing the Correct Style

Just like the color of a room's paint, a piece of art can drastically change or establish the mood in a room. Not only will it pull the different decor elements of any room together, but it can be used to create unique expressions of style.

*Classic & Traditional

*Contemporary or Modern

*Entertaining & Fun

*Relaxed or Casual


The style of any room in your home depends completely on personal choices and taste, and you're free to add your personality into the room with the correct accessories. Try framing a beautiful oil landscape print in a modern styled iron frame, or a bright and fun print in a traditional wood scroll frame.

Modern Art Gallery Style: If you'd like to mimic the clean and modern feeling of a modern art gallery, space pieces at least two feet from each other. Try to space them evenly around the room or space. This works especially well in long spaces, such as hallways or lobbies.

Above the Sofa: Large pieces of furniture already draw the attention in a room, so adding a piece of art above it makes sense. Hang the print at least six to ten inches above the furniture. Aim to hang it about eye level.

"Here are a selection of tips to aid you in the process of hanging your prints in their best locations, and don’t forget to have the right tools on hand like a level, step ladder, "">picture hanging rail</a>, hammer, nails, screws etc."

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