Thursday, July 21, 2011

Great Things

In February I introduced you to, "Great Things", and the owner. As I mentioned in that article, it is always changing with new items arriving daily. While on a shopping trip I visited the shop to find it with a beautiful uplift arranged in an array of colors, each vignette seems to display one treasure after another and how clever to arrange it in the colors you are looking for, from clothing to furniture and home goods items. Their talents for designing also shows with a flair and manner appealing to..." what women want"... beautiful clothing and home decor items!!!! Not to mention the fantastic prices and quality!!! How fun is this, shopping for a great pair of shoes and to your surprise you find a great piece of art or chandelier!!!!

At Great Things Showplace you will find quality pre-owned furniture/home d├ęcor and beautiful designer clothing and accessories. Many items never or barely used. Best of all, nearly 98% of all items brought into the store sell, and quickly. Everyday new items arrive.” It always changes, which is why you need to shop regularly, so you don't miss a "Great Thing".


  1. Really cool site Cynthia! I stumbled across it poking around. My Daughter is a ballet dancer and my Mom taught in New York years ago. My family and I run Carpet Cleaning Orange County here in California. I will show your site to my Wife and Mother who I know will love it! Thanks

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