Monday, February 22, 2010

Classy and Clean

Cool and contemporary meets naturally beautiful in this stunning kitchen by designer Carlo Colombo. The new Twelve kitchen, designed for Poliform Varenna kitchen company, experiments with “minimal horizontal thicknesses and maximum wideness,” as described by Poliform. The modern style comes sans handles, resulting in a very chic, sleek and streamlined look, which is a nice feature in what is usually a chaotic, cluttered space. A variety of finished lets you customize the look. Facade finishes include wood, laminate, glossy or embossed lacquered fronts, or simple steel. Tops come in a variety of laminates, steel, Corian, quartzite or painted fronted glass. The range of looks run the gamut from organic to ultra-modern, each with a distinctly contemporary edge. For more info and to check out the Twelve kitchen, visit Poliform Varenna.

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  1. It's really the perfect example of classic,The words are less and praises are more.I loved it.I wish that I also have a kitchen like this.
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