Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taxing Task/Accounting for every Dime

My latest project was a CPA firm in Charlotte NC. The firm added offices due to expansion, preparing for the upcoming tax season which lasts from January through April 15th.

The project began with the existing cherry wood desk which included a black leather work area. A white file cabinet, leather side chair and wood table with glass, was purchased in a liquidation sale. I painted the file cabinet and table black to begin the color palatte. Added the black pole lamp for uplighting. Purchased a new lamp shade for the existing wrought iron lamp base. Keeping the shade off white brought out the color on the wall and in the photographs, certificates and art.  The rug tied in the black, cherry and off whites beautifully!

White 4" wood blinds will be added to complete the office.

Adding my client's personality into the office, I found this horn which worked great for holding a light touch of greenery. The clock matched the wrought iron lamp base and included an old world backface.

A fica tree was placed in the far corner of the office for balance and warmth, a cherry leather side chair was added between the plant and the desk for guests.

The collage included the Account/CPA's certifications mixed with pictures of his favorite musician and sports figures. (New frames on two of the pictures are in process)

The rug acts as a focal point, when entering the office, and pulls the colors from the art above the lamp.

Accessories, were selected with my clients love for history,family,music, sports and his home state of Tennesse.

The project totaled 300.00, which was the budget. I guess you can say I passed a taxing task and designed this office on a dime. Form fuses beautifully with function preparing this accountant to prepare his clients taxes and budgets in a relaxed peaceful atmosphere. "All it takes is a little to add a lot".

The firm of Davis, Goldstein and Associates has been voted the best tax firm in Charlotte. The firm offers a wide range of services to  individuals and business clients. Because the firm is relatively small, their clients benefit by getting personalized quality service that is beyond comparison.

I found their newsletter and financial tools informative for tax and accounting tips.

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