Friday, January 8, 2010

Portable Warmth

A more traditional coffee table with smokeless biofire designed by Planika Studio. The square shape and brown colour make it ideal for modern yet traditional interiors. Arranging Square in the front room, you will add the luxury of design and the richness of real smokeless fire to your living space. Employing the patented Glassfire® Technology, Square allows you to enjoy real flames without worrying about installation, smoke or ashes.

It’s a “lighthouse” in every sense of the work – a beacon in outdoor entertaining, a portable outdoor fireplace that runs on ethanol. According to its maker, Planika, the main idea behind the Lighthouse fireplace was “to adorn spaces and to navigate people to wander inside a fire lit dwelling. People are naturally attracted to beauty and have been naturally attracted to fire ever since the first spark.” A simple stone base is capped by an artistic web which encloses the fire itself – the real star of the show that burns a clean-burning fuel. These portable fireplaces help make your outdoors warm, alive with dancing light and buzzing with conversation. For more info on the Lighthouse ethanol fireplace, visit Planika.

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