Saturday, January 16, 2010

Designer's View

In this article, I am going to critique each of these rooms, it is usually what a designer sees when she/he walks into a room. I feel this room has balance and the colors blend beautifully. First of all your focal point is the sofa, then the eye moves toward the black in the accessories and pictures, the next thing that makes this room blend beautifully is that the colors in the rug are picked up with the choice of colors reflected in the pictures and the paint on the wall. The plant to the left keeps warmth in the room and balance with the window. Placing the lamp on the opposite side allows, once again ,balance. The sheer black window treatment keeps the room contemporary, light and airy!!! I would give this a WOW great job!!!

First look, you see lovely furniture and balance with the lamps, plant and picture. YIKES, the wall color is way to harsh. It conflicts with the bright blue in the picture. The wall color should be the subtle color of blue/grey in the rug.

Beautiful setting, love the patio set. Now it needs a center piece with whites, greens and purple to pull the colors out of the cushions for a focal point. Weather permitting, an indoor/Outdoor rug, accenting the same colors from the cushions would warm this great patio setting.

Nice color balance here, the only thing I would change is the height of the picture. It needs to be moved up on the wall. The rug is acceptable but I feel it needs to be more in the taupe color like the wall. A great accent rug with taupes, white, reds and yellow would really make this room POP!!!!

Nice balance here, lovely blend of colors. Great accent pattern on the pillows and love the fringe! Good balance with the lamps and pictures. Love, love, love the fabric on the sofa and chairs.

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